Artistic Statement
somebodies dance theater is a contemporary dance company that endeavors to expand and wed the arts of dance and theater, and thereby create new models for performance work. From socio-political to intrapersonal complexities, we use dance to share our unique take on the universals and anomalies of the human experience. We believe that every body has a history of movement contained in cells, fluids, and muscle memory. This common kinesthetic history allows dance to be a vehicle for connecting and relating to one another.

We often work from a question, image, feeling, or circumstance, and we abstract our ideas into layers of movement, text, landscape, relationship, and more. We love discovering ways that set choreography can interface with improvisation in live performance. Dynamic and experimental, we ricochet from the big, sweeping body to the quirky, pedestrian gesture, and from serious inquiry to outright humor.

We have a strong interest in the possibilities and processes of multimedia collaboration. By merging modern dance’s movement innovation with the imagistic potential of the other arts, somebodies dance theater shapes a sensory experience for performers and audiences. In each work, the elements of movement, scene, and sound intermingle to explore a range of possibilities between synergism and tension.

somebodies dance theater is a composite of the work of two different bodies with histories, the ideas of two different philosophers. When our histories and ideas coalesce in the making of a new dance, the result is an entity that is neither Gina Bolles Sorensen, nor Kyle Sorensen; it has its own unique identity. It’s somebodies.