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SubtleBodyBigDance - Contemporary Dance Technique
When: Thursdays, 5:30-7 pm
Where: San Diego Dance Theater's studio 106 at Dance Place, 2650 Truxton Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

Description: "SubtleBodyBigDance" presents a unique approach to contemporary dance technique that seamlessly weaves imagery-based improvisational research with choreographed phrase material. Influenced by nine months of intensive research in the Gaga movement language in Israel, as well as decades of work in numerous dance idioms and somatic modalities, Gina Bolles Sorensen and Kyle Sorensen of somebodies dance theater gradually warm the body and then challenge dancers to explore a rich and multi-textured tapestry of dynamic physicality. As imagery and the practice of observing sensation are woven into movement, dancers may discover a new and freeing availability in their bodies, as well as an invigorated sense of presence, play, and groove.

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Online Teaching Sample:
Excerpts of Gina's contemporary modern class and teaching philosophy on Vimeo

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Gina's Online Yoga Classes:

Description: Gina Sorensen, E-RYT, believes in the transformative power of yoga and is committed to making yoga accessible and affordable through complete and beautiful classes online. All Yoga Natyam classes provide thorough descriptions of how to get into a pose, how to align your body to most safely and energetically experience a pose, and how to gracefully transition from one pose into the next in a flowing sequence.

A home or online yoga practice offers numerous benefits to practitioners. Your home is your sanctuary. Practicing yoga in a space in which you feel comfortable and relaxed provides rich opportunities to connect mind and body for personal growth. It is dedicated time to cultivate virtues such as initiative, determination, and self-reflection, and it marks your commitment to prioritize quiet time and self-care. An online practice is an open and flexible alternative to studios with set schedules and crowded spaces. And it travels with you. Enjoy yoga classes on your computer or mobile device anywhere you have an internet connection.

Residencies and Outreach

somebodies dance theater is available for artistic residencies. Residencies may include technique classes, dance creation, repertory, topical workshops, and/or lecture-demonstrations.

Description: In somebodies dance theater's classes, Gina Bolles Sorensen and Kyle Sorensen bring diverse dance influences and eclectic interests to coalesce into one dynamic and challenging movement experience. Sometimes quirky, and often fluid and groovy, Gina and Kyle have a unique approach to warming the body and preparing both body and mind to dance. Their style of contemporary modern dance encourages a thorough exploration of breath and weight, impulse and sequencing, subtle body and anatomically informed awareness, as well as live and embodied presence in both improvisational and set material. From large sweeping pathways to simple pedestrian gestures, somebodies dance theater delivers an engaging class that shifts rapidly between fluid, percussive, and athletic moods.

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